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We're creating strong leaders living their brilliant lifestyle everyday!

We're creating strong leaders living their brilliant lifestyle everyday!

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About Us

We are Leading Through Living Today with BOLD Favor as we Emerge as Leading Ladies and CHROME Gentlemen brought together by Leadership Champion Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell!

It started as a book of Lynita's good, bad, and not-so-pretty experiences becoming the Leadership Champion in "Leading Through Living: A Guide for Women Seeking Growth Through Leadership".  

That started a discussion of how to embrace the big, brilliant you - i.e., crushing the lie that we have to be just like someone else to be successful:  WE decide what success is to US.

And then, we decided to create a place where people could share the encounters, wisdom, and knowledge they've been blessed to experience - hence, this MIGHTY network!  

Why You Should Join Us

We're the community of people who've been-there-done-that-got-the-teeshirt-and-it-doesn't-fit-anymore... and realize that the experience of getting all that knowledge and wisdom came with some pretty great perks - including meeting new people and going great places!  And we get to share all that with one another right HERE!

A Big Thanks

To our Leading Ladies who know they're no shade, knock off, or faux ANYTHING and embrace their total BRILLANCE everyday, sharing it freely with the world.  And to our Charismatic Honorable Resourceful Optimist Men of Excellence (CHROME) who know the world is better everyday just because they woke up in it!

And you know we must thank our platinum sponsor Premiere Transitional Services, Inc. - they keep the gas in the tank and oil in the engine so we may burn up Success Road!

We're Awesome Because

Our community is all about service and support:  we've established 5 libraries in rural African communities, supported 6 of our authors to be Amazon best-sellers, voted our magazine BOLD Favor to be "ATL's Hottest", and launched the dreams of countless entrepreneurs - TOGETHER! 

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